The Solito Solution: Find, Fix, and Facilitate Sustainable Change


You Know the Problem—We help you Find the answers

Whether it is root cause failure analysis, vibration monitoring, lubrication best practices, in-depth oil analysis, maintenance of spares, or simply evaluating processes—we will help you find the answers for long term solutions.


You Know the Repair Issues—We Fix them for you

Our team of experienced technicians will do the work your team doesn’t have the time to do. We will plan, organize, get approvals, order materials and actually do the work required.


You Know Changes Are Needed—We help you Facilitate those changes

Preventing future problems is not always easy. We will educate, train, and provide your team the tools necessary to keep things moving forward. We can even provide ongoing services at whatever level fits your needs and budget.



Solito’s Productive Solutions for Mining Yields

Increased Operational Hours

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Sustainable Improvements

Fixed and Mobile Equipment