Steve Bounds, President

Steve founded Solito in Peru in 2005 to support the refurbishment of a large copper concentrator and it’s accompanying crushers.  His customers had it with their problems being answered with a big stack of paper that never seemed to get implemented once turned over to the customer.

He used a simple methodology of Find, Fix and Facilitate Change.  The repairs and improvements could only be sustainable if the changes could be institutionalized.  His bulldog tenancy in making improvements that withstood the test of time is the hallmark of all Solito Solutions.

Steve’s background in mechanical maintenance and management has allowed him to institute Solito Solutions into some of the largest mining companies in the world.  He also knows when to bring in the eggheads to tackle some of the more subtle problems requiring, process design, chemistry, chemical engineering and project management.

Randy Yount, Associate

Randy has more than twenty years of successful experience in consulting, marketing and sales in a wide variety of industries. He is an engineer and holds two MBAs. He knowledge of for lubrication technologies for fixed and mobile equipment, equipment design and aviation have been critical elements of Solito Solutions.

Randy has a proven track record of achieving customer satisfaction for major corporations simply by asking, “what do you really want?” and then making sure that is delivered. His experience spans both the domestic and international arenas.

Jim Thomas, Associate

Jim has a unique background (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Business and Programming) that contributes to highly innovative and measurable Solito Solutions. Jim gets directly involved in active efforts to understand a customer’s needs and stays through completion.

Jim’s chemical research was a comparative study wear metal generation in synthetic versus mineral oil. Wear metal analysis techniques included flame and DC Arc Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy and fundamental wet particle counting methods. His experience spans both the domestic and international arenas